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Moxie Graphix
I have some prints up for sale on Ebay. Check them out!
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Borderlands Books in San Francisco has just placed an order for more of my prints. If you're in the area, check them out. This is a great bookstore that specializes in science fiction, fantasy and horror books. They're a great bunch of people, trust me. Would I lie to you?
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World Horror Con 2004 report:

It was a bit smaller show than last year (and the convention overall seemed smaller, I'm sure economics played a huge part in that). The quality of the show was extremely high. The artshow was set up beautifully with a great flow through the entire room. There was enough room between the panels for people in wheel chairs to navigate easily through the room. The entire art show staff was very together, knowledgeable and helpful. These are the folks who do Leprechan (did I spell that right?) in the Phoenix area and, after seeing how they handled this show, I'm willing to show again in other shows they sponsor.

There was one minor glitch. The Con Com had decided the artshow should close at 5pm every night as he felt it would interfere with other activities and not get much traffic (the hotel had a free happy hour between 5:30 and 7:30pm every night). Alan Clark and myself (along with some of the other artists) did not care for this development very much. After discussing it with the artshow director (the credit really goes to Alan Clark), he agreed to keep it open and even opened it back up later the first night after dinner and did get quite a bit of traffic. The next night, during coctail hour there was quite a bit of traffic as well. Other than that, it was smooth sailing.

This year they gave ribbons for best color, best black and white, best 3d and best of show. One of my pieces was a single vote behind the piece that got best color (the art show staff felt like I should know just how close it really was). Alan Clark won best color piece so, I guess if I should "lose" to anyone, he'd be the one to lose to ::grins::.

There was also a strong artistic presence at the con with the attending artists actually spending time in the artshow and meeting people. I know I spent quite a bit of time in the artshow room myself and reaped the rewards for my efforts. I already have orders from people in my email for additional prints and a sale for a print someone was outbid on. I've also had inquiries from people for selling my prints in their stores and one lady took several of my prints on consignment out of the print shop on the last day of the show for her local store in Phoenix.

All in all it was a productive and fun weekend. I met some great new artists and can't wait to see them all again next year!
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Moxie Graphix will be at World Horror Convention April 8-11 in Phoenix, Arizona. If you're at the convention, I'd love to meet you.
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Support This Site
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I have added paypal shopping cart buttons to some images in the gallery. Hopefully this will help with people who have been wanting to purchase prints. Keep watching the galleries. More buttons will be added soon.
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Dragon Con is next week. If you're going to be at the con come see us at the artshow. We will have our own bay in the artshow as well as participating in the digital art show.

Our website is also being redesigned and upgraded. I'm hoping the site redesign will be finished sometime in the next two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!
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End of Summer
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New products up at Zazzle and Cafe Press.
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Moxie Graphix at Zazzle
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